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    Ice Festivals 2019 in Finland



    We have a great pleasure to invite you to our 2019 international ice festivals and ice competitions in Finland.
    Two outdoor competitions and the prologue in the Ice Cave were we will visit the first
    ”Moomin in ice” exhebition.

    The organiser of the competitions invites 10 solo ice carvers from ten countries.
    These three competitions are:
    – In the Ice Cave of Leppävirta 19.2.2019 “Prologue competition without machines;1 hour”
    – In the centre of Kuopio city 20. – 22.2.2019; 20 hours
    – In the centre of Joensuu city 23. – 25.2.2019; 20 hours

    Att. Send your application before 10.01.2019 to Kaj-Erik Fohlin email: kajzufohlin@gmail.com

    The theme of the Kuopio competition is “WOW Kuopio”, and in Joensuu is “WOW Joensuu”.

    Competition schedule.

    You have to arrive in Helsinki Airport on Tuesday 19.2 before 16.00.
    Our bus leaves at 16.00 to Leppävirta, where is our first hotel, the Ice Cave and prologue competition.
    In the morning bus transportation to Kuopio. The competition (Kuopio) begins on Wednesday 20.2. at 12.00 and ends on Friday 22.2. at 17.00.
    Bus transportation to Joensuu next morning—- Work from 23.2. at 12.00 to 25.2. 17.00.
    Sleep over in Joensuu. Bus in the morning 26.2. to Helsinki. We are in Helsinki at 14.00..

    Ice conditions
    There are 3 big ice blocks for every carver in the both competition place. (Also some extra ice blocks, if you need)
    One block is 1,00 m x 1,20 m x 0,50 m (appr. 500 kg)(=”crystal-ice”) and you must use all the ice blocks. The blocks are ready on a good podium for every carving (1,50 x 1,50 m)
    The first prize in Kuopio and Joensuu is 600 euros/ a champion, second prize is 400 euros/a carver. The third prize is 300 euros/a carver. All others carvers receives the forth prize 200 euros. Also in prologue competition we’ll deliver prizes for every carver.
    And a special prize to the best ice sculptor!

    This year we will pay your travelling costs in Finland: Helsinki – Leppävirta – Kuopio – Joensuu – Helsinki. And of course we´ll pay your accommodation in the hotels and your meals during these competitions. And also we’ll pay your flight tickets but only maximum 300 euros. Anyway we have very good prizes and much fun together…

    Best Regards
    Tuomo Jantunen
    Tuomo Jantunen
    secretary general of the Jäälinna association; LOOK AT www.jaalinna.fi +358400417272