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    Competition place: Enonkoski in eastern Finland
    Dear sand carvers in Europe.
    We have the pleasure to invite you to the 4th European sand carving championships. The competition will take place in the picturesque village of Enonkoski. Enonkoski is situated 340 km from Helsinki. Sand carving competitions has been held in Enonkoski several times the venue is newly rebuilt on the market square.
    – SOLO competition.
    – Participants from 12 different European countries.
    If you are interested to take part in this event You have to send your application draft to Kaj-Erik Fohlin (kajzufohlin@gmail.com) latest 15.5.2019.
    Theme for the competition: ”Summer dancing in Finland”
    Competition schedule Enonkoski:
    Wednesday 26.6.2019 – Sunday 30.06.2019
    Arriving in Helsinki in the afternoon 16.00, arriving Enonkoski 26.6. in the evening. Working time about 30 hours. First working day thursday 27.6. 8 hours, same time on friday and saturday. Finishing on sunday noon.
    Everyone will have a readymade mould (packed). Size 200 by 200 cm, see attached picture *) Competition prizes
    I prize 1500 euros
    II prize 1000 euros
    III prize 700 euros
    IV – XII, prize 300 euros
    Travel costs:
    The organizer, Jäälinna ry will pay the travelling costs for each competitor from their home country to Finland and return however, up to 200 euros / competitor, against a ticket.(receipt) Transportation is arranged from Helsinki to Enonkoski on wednesday 26.6. We have a charter bus, which pick up you at Helsinki airport on wednesday 26.6. at 16.00. Travelling time to Enonkoski 4,5 hours. Back to Helsinki on sunday 30.6.19. You are in Helsinki about at 18.00.
    Accomodation and meals:
    Jäälinna ry will pay for the accommodation and meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do not pay your hotel or hostel in Helsinki before or after the competition. However, it is possible to stay there one night or more. We recommend the airport hostel Forenom https://www.forenom.com/hostels/vantaa/forenom-hostel-vantaa-airport/143/
    The winners and other ranking will be elected by an international jury consisting of persons representing media, visual art, travelling and sand carving. The spectators will choose their favorite.
    Welcome to Finland!
    Tuomo Jantunen Kaj-Erik Fohlin
    Chairman Competition manager
    email: tuomo@jantunen.fi email: kajzufohlin@gmail.com
    phone +358 40041 7272 phone +358 40755 6721